Bone Grafting for Dental Implants


Dental implants are all about the bone and the position of the resulting crown that is going to go on the dental implant.

When I did my first dental implant in 1988, we put the implant where the bone was and where the crown was going to wind up after that. As long as it was close, as long as it looked like it belonged in the mouth, we accepted it as a success.

Unfortunately dental implants are not like natural teeth. They do not necessarily do well if they are put into a bite situation that is less than ideal. Because of that, now we plan the implant from the crown down, not from the implant up to the crown. We need to know where the crown should be so that the patient can function properly. If the implant would be positioned in a spot where that crown would not be in that scenario, then we want to put a bone graft in so we can put the implant where it really belongs.

The other reason for doing bone grafting would be to make sure we actually have enough height for a dental implant to be successful. Implants are getting shorter and shorter in the history of implants but we’re also accepting higher failure rates with the shorter implant. We still like to have enough height to make sure we have a very solidly located implant and have the implant located where the crown will function properly.

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