Laser Dentistry in Pompton Plains, NJ

Laser Dentistry

Dr. McKeever has been utilizing dental lasers since 1998, long before most other dentists even noticed their capabilities.

Lasers deliver energy in the form of light. Depending on the intended result, this energy travels at different wavelengths and is absorbed by a “target.” In dentistry, these targets can be enamel, decay, gum tissue, or whitening enhancers. Each one absorbs a different wavelength of light while reflecting other wavelengths. No measurable effect is seen beyond the intended target site.

Lasers are very specific in regard to the wavelength produced. This means that there must be a different laser for each type of procedure that you want to complete. There is little or no sound associated with laser treatment, a pleasant treat for the dental patient who has experienced the whine of the dental drill. As technology advances, we hope to see lasers which can be used for several related treatments combined into one convenient machine.

Waterlase iPlus System

Our Waterlase iPlus system allows us to perform pro- cedures more conveniently, with less post-operative consequences and often with less or even NO need for anesthetic injections.

We also have other lasers that are used for enhancing wound healing and diagnosing early cavities.

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