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Digital Dental X-Ray

At McKeever Dental Care we use digital imaging x-rays in order to assess any potential problems with your dental health.  Digital x-rays are different from traditional x-rays in that they provide our patients with quicker and better results.  Rather than use a dark room to develop the imaging, digital x-rays send the pictures right to our computer where the doctor can view them immediately.

Digital x-ray dental imaging  is a simple and painless process.  Since every patient’s situation is different, we are happy to have this x-ray machine in order to allow us to determine which if any dental treatments are necessary to obtain optimal health.

3-D Cone Beam Scan

Our digital 3-D cone beam scan is dentistry’s answer to a medical CatScan with dramatically reduces radiation levels.  Sometimes a two dimensional x-ray just doesn’t tell the story, so Galileos comes to the rescue.  This system is an integral part of a superior level of diagnostic capability and a means of providing safer, more accurate and convenient dental implants.

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