TMJ Treatment in Pompton Plains, NJ

TMJ Treatment

TMJ is an easy acronym for “Temporo-Mandibular joint” and refers to the joint that hinges the mandible (the lower jaw) to the temporal bone of the skull in front of the ear on each side of the head. We use this joint every time we talk or chew or even swallow. When this joint becomes displaced or when the muscles or ligaments surrounding the joint become stretched or damaged simple movements become painful.

How To Treat TMJ?

Today TMJ related problems could often be successfully treated without surgery. The treatment plan generally focuses on calming the surrounding muscles and ligaments, relieving the pain and reducing the pressure on the joint. This is achieved first by creating a custom-fitted oral orthotic appliance, which is worn by the patient on either the upper or lower teeth. Carefully crafted by an experienced dentist, the orthotic appliance relieves the pressure and allows ligaments that have stretched to heal. Today’s appliances are made of clear acrylic and can usually be worn without anyone noticing.

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