Composite Fillings in Pompton Plains, NJ

White Fillings

Composite “white” fillings, made of composite, are used to restore teeth that have small cavities. They are called “white” fillings because of the natural, tooth color of the material. Unlike inlays and onlays that are crafted in an outside lab, composite fillings can be made on-site and completed in only one office visit.

A composite “white” filling is used when the cavity is small and the patient desires a natural-looking restoration. The area is numbed, then the tooth is prepared for restoration by removing any decay. The composite is then applied and the cavity filled in. After the composite has been cured, it will be smoothed and shaped for fit and comfort.


A specialized camera that helps us detect if there is decay under your existing fillings.  This technology eliminates the guesswork of when fillings need to be replaced and provides a definitive means of deciding when treatment is best for you.  No more, “hey that looks suspicious; but since you don’t have any symptoms, let’s just keep an eye on it”.

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