Help Kids Keep Their Teeth Clean


It is important for a child to learn proper cleaning techniques and to have the desire to keep their teeth clean.  In order to accomplish this, the child must be taught from an early age. A parent or caregiver won’t be brushing a child’s teeth for the rest of their lives. Be supportive and informative from the start. Show a child how to do it, reinforce why it’s important and do it yourself so they see you set a good example.

After the following the proper care at home, children need to be seen by a professional periodically. Whether child or adult, everyone needs to visit the dentist. You can only minimize the amount of buildup around your teeth with good brushing and flossing at home. You have to see a professional periodically to remove all the things that are detrimental to keeping your teeth healthy. In my opinion, using a fluoride rinse at night is a good thing for children as well.

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