Improving Your Smile – How to Achieve the Best Results


There are a few factors for improving a smile and achieving the best results. The first factor which I think is the most important is that the patient needs to look within themselves and determine what their expectations truly are. Sometimes people want to change their smile and their expectation is way beyond what modern dentistry can deliver for them. More often than not, we can deliver a beautiful final result but the patient has to understand there are limitations to the techniques and the materials that we have nowadays. We’ve come a long way in my career of almost thirty years but still the patient needs to understand whether or not their expectations are reasonable.

I think the second factor that is most important is the experience of the practitioner. There is an old joke. How do you get to become a cosmetic dentist in New Jersey?  And the answer is you have to spell it right in the yellow pages. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dentists who think because maybe they went to a weekend course at the Ramada Inn that they can come back on Monday morning and they’ve mastered the technique that the particular course told them was going to advance their practice into the next level.The problem with that is aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is not considered a specialty but it really should be. There are a lot of materials that are constantly changing. There are a lot of techniques that are constantly changing and if you don’t keep up with that, your results are going to start to become antiquated.

I think the third factor that is really important is you have to consider the condition of the teeth you are going to be working with. If there are limitations within those teeth – such as their position, such as their health, the gum scenario, the symmetry of all of those factors that you’re starting with – if they’re not very very close to the ideal, there will have to be some compromises, no matter what you do, in the final case. And that can affect whether or not the patient’s expectations are achieved.

Overall.  I think if you go to a competent dentist who can show you ahead of time – these are cases that I’ve done, these are situations where we started with A, we would up with B – and you feel that that’s what you’re looking for, then I think you might have a home run on your hands.

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