Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep apnea is a condition where through an anatomic issue or a central nervous system disorder, people just stop breathing or are unable to breathe during their sleep.

In my office, should a patient fail in their ability to use the gold standard of treatment, which is called a CPAP device, we can fabricate an oral appliance which helps keep their lower jaw a little bit more forward than normal. What this does is it allows the tongue as it goes flaccid during the sleep process and starts to submit to gravity, keep it away from touching the back wall of the throat. That should allow enough room for people to get oxygen into their lungs. In my opinion, by no means is this the gold standard of treatment. I won’t even fabricate one of these unless a patient has had treatment by a physician and the physician has attested that the patient cannot use the CPAP, which in my mind is the most effective treatment of all.

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