The Top 5 Best Oral Health Habits

Brushing and Flossing – These two, one and two, go hand in hand. If you’re only doing one and not the other, you’re not completely cleaning your mouth.

Using a Fluoride Rinse – I am a huge fan of a fluoride rinse only once a day. Now I know fluoride is a little bit controversial for some people. But in the low levels that we use it, there’s no indications that it causes any harm. The benefits to the teeth in reducing decay have been proven over decades.

Rinsing with Listerine – Because it’s very, very popular, I don’t mind when people rinse with Listerine once a day. Listerine rinsing all day long is not necessarily a good thing. Using Listerine to replace brushing and flossing is completely ineffective, but rinsing with Listerine once a day is not a detrimental problem.

Eating Healthy – Avoid things that are negative like soda and high sweet content foods. Provide proper nutrition in terms of vitamins and the calcium that we need.

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