Tips to Avoid Periodontal Disease


The most important tip that people can follow to avoid getting periodontal disease is to keep your teeth clean by doing the following:

  • Regularly brushing and flossing at home
  • Brushing more than just once a day
  • Flossing more than once a week

In addition, you really need to see a professional. Cleaning at home can only slow down the process of the teeth becoming more naturally roughened which makes it harder for you to clean them. Only a professional can take you back to square one by removing the roughness from your teeth. When they’re nice and smooth, they are much more easily cleansed with the same amount of effort.

People tend to think that dental care is expensive but the reality is dental care is not expensive. Neglect is what is expensive because it creates a need for even more extensive and therefore expensive care. People may think, “Well maybe I won’t go and have my teeth cleaned at the recommended interval of four months or six months. I’ll push it to 12 months.” Unfortunately, 12 months can become 14 months. That is a lot of time in between to allow that roughness to build up around your teeth and that is a lot of time for the bacteria to cause a lot of damage.

The bottom line is, don’t fall into neglect. Take good care of your teeth. Most of the work you can do for free at home just by brushing and flossing frequently.

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