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I really think in the case of a missing tooth, you really have to consider what the condition of the neighbor teeth are. Very often with people who may not even have a filling in the neighbor tooth, I think the option that has to be considered is a dental implant. A dental implant is the closest thing to the God-given design. The patient leaves when the treatment is completed with something that is comfortable, it’s very natural, it’s much more readily cleansable than a fixed dental bridge and much more accommodating than any removable appliance could be. So I really think when someone is missing a tooth, as long as the neighbor teeth don’t warrant needing having crowns themselves which in my opinion would lead me to consider a fixed bridge, we would have people consider the dental implant above all things.

Dr. McKeever has been in private practice in Pompton Plains, New Jersey since 1988. He provides the highest quality of general, cosmetic and implant dentistry and treats each patient uniquely according to their individual needs. Dr. Darren McKeever and the team at McKeever Dental Care can be reached at (973) 839-8180 and is located at 933 NJ-23 Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. 

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