3 Things to Know About Root Canals

Here are 3 important things every dental patient should know about root canals:

  1. The first and most important point is, unlike years ago, the root canal process is not as uncomfortable or inconvenient as it used to be. Root canals now can be done in one visit. Sometimes it is a short visit, and the post-operative discomfort is usually minimal, if any.
  2. The second thing I think people need to be aware of with the concept of a root canal is that you do get to keep your natural tooth. A root canal is a means of taking a tooth that years ago might be a candidate for extraction and restoring it to a functional state.
  3. The third thing, which I think is very important that is unfortunately lost too often in the doctor-patient relationship, is the understanding that after the root canal has been completed, the tooth must be restored properly. Very often there is so much tooth structure missing that just putting a filling in is not necessarily going to be the right thing for that tooth. Very often, root canal teeth have to be crowned in order to protect them.

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