3 Things You Need to Know About Fluoride

  1. Fluoride is Beneficial. First, fluoride is proven to be beneficial. No one can dispute that fluoride is beneficial. Once we started using fluoride, whether putting it in the water, or in vitamins for kids, or direct exposure to rinses or topical pastes, we have definitely seen in dentistry that the decay level has dropped off dramatically.
  2. Fluoride Treatments Need to be Routine. The second thing about fluoride is it needs to be routine and regular. You can’t just rinse once every couple of weeks. You can’t just have a fluoride treatment at the dental office once every five years or so. You really want to be rinsing with fluoride on a daily basis. If your pediatrician has given your kid vitamins with fluoride, you want to be sure that your children take them every day. For regular checkups, you want to have a fluoride treatment every checkup if you’re someone who has an increased level of decay or sensitivity, or if you’re at risk, and you’re a kid.
  3. Fluoride is Safe. The third thing about fluoride, which I’m going to admit is a little bit controversial, is that it is safe. Fluoride is safe in the doses that we recommend. We are not recommending huge amounts of fluoride. These are very small levels of fluoride, yet it’s still incredibly effective. But I will admit it is still a controversial topic, just like vaccination. But over time, we’ve seen all the data come together saying that fluoride is a good thing in dentistry.

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