3 Things You Need to Know About Fluoride

Fluoride is Beneficial. First, fluoride is proven to be beneficial. No one can dispute that fluoride is beneficial. Once we started using fluoride, whether putting it in the water, or in vitamins for kids, or direct exposure to rinses or…
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All About Fluoride

The use of fluoride to help make teeth stronger is a controversial topic but research has proven that there are many benefits to treating children with fluoride when their teeth are still forming. What is fluoride, and what are the…
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Pain Free Dental Visits

Dr. Darren McKeever understands that patients may be nervous and somewhat fearful of dental procedures so he gets to know his patients and builds trust to ensure their comfort while in the dental chair. Local anesthetic, topical anesthetic, IV sedation…
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Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities

Sealants are used over the anatomic grooves in the back teeth, preventing bacteria from getting in. Dental sealants block out a very weak point in people’s dental hygiene. The anatomical grooves are a weak spot in the tooth because they get tinier…
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Help Kids Keep Their Teeth Clean

It is important for a child to learn proper cleaning techniques and to have the desire to keep their teeth clean.  In order to accomplish this, the child must be taught from an early age. A parent or caregiver won’t…
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Kids and the Dentist

Getting kids proper dental care is important. When kids first visit the dentist, how often they floss and brush and when they start orthodontic treatments are common issues for parents. What is the best age for kids to start seeing a dentist?…
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