Change Your Smile in Just One Day!

Many changes and improvements to a smile can be made during a full aesthetic makeover in just one day. It really depends on the extent to which the patient wants to change their smile.

  • Veneers – We can do literally multiple veneers or crowns in one visit to completely makeover a smile.
  • Bonding – We can do bonding in one visit. That takes a little bit longer because individually, each tooth has to be sculpted.
  • Implants – We can even put implants in and have the patient leave. They walked in with a gap, and they can walk out with a temporarily restored implant after a surgical placement of the implant.

There really are a lot of things nowadays that we can do to keep people smiling in their busy world. Whether they’re in the middle of flying from here to whatever side of the country they’re going to, we can transform their smile in a single day.

Dr. McKeever has been in private practice in Pompton Plains, New Jersey since 1988. He provides the highest quality of general, cosmetic and implant dentistry and treats each patient uniquely according to their individual needs. Dr. Darren McKeever and the team at McKeever Dental Care can be reached at (973) 839-8180 and is located at 933 NJ-23 Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. 

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