Treat Gingivitis with Professional Dental Care

Gingivitis cannot really be treated at home; that is misleading. What you want to try and do at home is to keep gingivitis from ever happening.

More often than not, gingivitis is due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque around the teeth. If that is because the teeth are rough and have not been cleaned in a long time, you’re really going to be spinning your wheels. You really can’t reverse the gingivitis. You have to have professional care to do that.

The biggest problem with gingivitis at home is most people do not even recognize they have it. They see the redness in the gums, and they think that that is normal and healthy. And then they floss their teeth and they bleed and they say, “Oh, well, I’m flossing wrong, I should stop.” That is exactly the opposite thing of what you need to do; you probably need to floss more and be sure to do it properly.

But more often than not, gingivitis can only be reversed by getting professional care. Once you have a professional cleaning to remove the bacteria from around the teeth, and hopefully you also smooth off the teeth (and sometimes that includes the roots of the teeth), the teeth should be easier to keep clean and healthy by the patient in between professional cleanings.

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