The Top 3 Dental Issues People Face as They Age

  1. Attrition: First and foremost the most obvious thing that I see is the attrition of the teeth as the enamel over time is worn off. There is no guarantee that everyone is going to have that, but people who have lost multiple teeth tend to press the remaining teeth into a higher level of function than they are designed to handle. So, we tend to see a lot of attrition in people. When the enamel is completely worn off in a functional area, the dentin will wear three times faster. That can expose the nerve. That can lead to quicker levels of decay.
  2. Decay: Second thing we see is decay. As people age, we tend to see less effective oral hygiene. More plaque tends to be around, and that leads to decay.
  3. Loss of Attachment from Periodontal Disease: Because of the periodontal loss, the loss of attachment and the roots being exposed, that decay, if it winds up on the roots, tends to be a little bit more of a risk of root canal because the side of the root is a lot closer to the nerve than the top of the tooth would be.

In essence, the top three things that we’re always seeing a little more frequently in people as they age is attrition, a little bit more decay, and then the loss of attachment from periodontal disease.

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