Aging and Dental Health

When it comes to maintaining dental health there are many challenges people face as they age such as a lack of dexterity for flossing and brushing and a lack of transportation to dental visits. Learn why senior citizens should continue…
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Treat Gingivitis with Professional Dental Care

Gingivitis cannot really be treated at home; that is misleading. What you want to try and do at home is to keep gingivitis from ever happening. More often than not, gingivitis is due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque around…
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Gingivitis and Periodontal Treatment

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused by a buildup of bacteria. With proper brushing and flossing at home along with regular professional dental cleanings, gingivitis can be reversed. If ignored, it can lead to serious bone loss. How…
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When is it Time for Dentures?

For many reasons, it may be time to consider dentures if multiple teeth cannot be saved or perhaps teeth are already lost. Dentures can be used as a transition before dental implants or dentures may end up being the end…
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Tips to Avoid Periodontal Disease

The most important tip that people can follow to avoid getting periodontal disease is to keep your teeth clean by doing the following: Regularly brushing and flossing at home Brushing more than just once a day Flossing more than once…
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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is very common and people may not even realize they have it until it’s too late. Proper dental care including regular visits to the dentist are critical in the prevention of this disease. How do you define periodontal…
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