Top 3 Worst Foods or Drinks for Your Teeth

The best foods for dental health would be nutritious options like vegetables and obviously calcium laden foods are great. But what we really have to worry about more are the things that are attacking our teeth and contributing to dental problems.  The three things that always come to mind are:

  1. Soda
  2. Candies
  3. Foods that have a lot of sugar

I think the most detrimental food or drink option would have to be soda.  People who drink soda too often are literally bathing their teeth almost all day long in a very acidic mixture. And that is exactly what the bacteria are trying to do; it’s just that soda has concentrated it far beyond what a culture of bacteria could do.

Sugary things provide the fuel for the bacteria that are trying to damage our teeth. Candies can be hard, they can be sticky. They can also have sugar that holds onto the teeth, which is really detrimental to oral health.

Soda, candy, sugars: these are the things that we have to try to limit if we want to have healthy teeth.

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